Its a Shame to Be a Negro (Dedication, page 1 of 2)

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This novel is dedicated to my beloved mother, Chriscile, who was killed 24 days after her thirty-ninth birthday. Mom, I love you, and will always miss you. Sorry, Dad (killed in 1989), if I didn't dedicate it to you, because you did my mother wrong. I hope you still find your way in heaven. Junior, my older brother who was killed two years after my mother's death, I know you hated it when I used the word "Negro." I love you, man. Naomi Close, who died at 23 years old-darling, I love and miss you. Priscilla, my beautiful daughter, heaven is glad to have a little angel like you. Daddy misses you. I hope you are all in heaven smiling down on me. Mhiya (Chriscile Leger Lindor) named after my mother, my beautiful little princess, yeah, I know you are pretty. Daddy loves you, and can't wait to meet you. Dana, AKA Suckie-Weakie; Sherley and Edwith, my sisters; Mikelson; and finally Frantz, mini-me-I love you all. Wish me luck in this new adventure.

"It's a shame to be a Negro because society has a grudge against me." I was once told that being a Negro is a shame and a mortal virusperhaps this "man" was right because he was himself a severe threat to the society. The society scorns me because I am a Negro, but the society itself is rotten. Sometimes I question my own identity: Is it my fault for being a Negro when my own race mistreats and degrades me, or should I apologize for being a Negro?

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