Its a Shame to Be a Negro (Chapter 2, page 1 of 3)

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Chapter 2

Park Late that night, Patrick's car and a van parked next to each other.

Jack and Patrick snorted some cocaine before they got out of the car. They stood by the passenger door.

Two guys got out of the van, dressed like gang members. Each carried two guns as they approached Jack and Patrick.

"Check it out. We got what you want. Ready?" said one of the guys to Jack and Patrick. He handed the guns to them.

Jack and Patrick both took one.

"Want me to demonstrate?" asked the second guy as he cocked one of the guns.

"Are you out of your damned mind?" Patrick hurriedly said.

"Sometimes, my man, when it's about the money," replied the second guy. Jack glanced at him.

"We'll take these two," said Jack as he fondled his finger on the trigger and pointed the gun at those guys.

"Alright, cool," replied one of the guys.

"Here is $100. We'll pay you the rest later." Patrick handed them $100 in cash. They went back to their vehicles and sped away.

Liquor Store Giani walked down the sidewalk to the liquor store.

The car drove by, and then followed the van. It drove down the street slowly as one of the guys stared at Giani. Giani stared back at him then went into the liquor store.

"Hi, Mr. Hallad. Still cannot satisfy your wife yet? I can't believe that at your age you can't stay hard."

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