Lunaria: The Sunless Isle (Chapter 10, page 1 of 9)

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Chapter 10

Most of Star*port was resting when Ashlyn, Conner, and Delfina arrived in the shallow water along one of the city's beaches. Ashlyn and Conner invited Delfina to stay with them for a while, but Delfina was weary and eager to rest in her hammock again, so they parted ways at the water's edge with open invitations to one another.

"Let's visit Ellie," Conner suggested.

"It isn't even dawn yet," Ashlyn replied. "Shouldn't we let her sleep?"

"She's missed you, and she's probably been worrying terribly," he answered. "She'll appreciate the wakeup, even if she grumbles at first. We owe it to her for that to be our first stop."

Ashlyn giggled, amused by thoughts of her best friend's reaction to being roused so early. Already, Star*port was working its magick on her; she felt good to be home.

The pair raced up the beach and down the well-lit streets. They moved gingerly through the winding corridors of the neighborhoods, wary not to wake anyone.

Star*port structures were built in such a way as to put a window in every room, should the inhabitants desire to gaze upon their lovely city with its clear sky, fine scenery, and excellent architecture. In fact, architecture was one of the city's primary arts. Arches, glowing structures, and various other architectural accomplishments made even the most trivial alleys a sight worth seeing.

Elisa's home was a small building that winded partially about a courtyard. Several houses were built around the particularly courtyard, one of many in Star*port. In the center of the courtyard was a fountain pond with a variety of resident creatures as well as a couple capricious water faeries, around which Elisa and Ashlyn spent much of their early childhood together.

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