Lunaria: The Sunless Isle (Chapter 3, page 1 of 16)

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Chapter 3

Ashlyn watched Myron converse with the three strangers in what appeared to be a familiar manner. He slunk up to a wall, his back to it, and pressed himself against it in a moderately dramatic fashion. His hands slid up the wall, groping it, applying enough pressure to lift it a few inches, though the change could not be seen through the layer of rolling mist that blanketed the ground. Then, with a shift of one shoulder, he exerted the pressure needed to open a previously hidden rotating door.

"I suppose I'm not the only entertainer," T'sailiéss observed amicably, to himself and Ashlyn, as the only female of the other trio hugged Myron then skipped through the entrance he was cordially holding open.

The girl's two male companions followed her. Myron took one step through the doorway than turned about to face the pair from Star*port with an expression both inquisitive and encouraging.

Ashlyn paused for a few more seconds to soak in the sight of The Sunless Isle, Lunaria, by moonlight then started off toward the concealed doorway. T'sailiéss followed dutifully at her side.

Myron closed the door, which became as unapparent as before, then resumed the lead. Ashlyn was too preoccupied taking in the sights of gargoyles on the wall and patterns on the ground to pay much attention to where they were going. T'sailiéss walked beside her in quiet introspection, moving his fingers to some silent melody.

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