Lunaria: The Sunless Isle (Chapter 7, page 1 of 17)

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Chapter 7

One emotion dominated Ashlyn's feelings in the following hours. Or was it days? Or years? She did not think it had been years, but her sense of time was so askew in a city not measured by days and nights she had no real way of knowing. But it felt like years. Through this time, one emotion dominated her feelings and it was despair, utter and unrelenting.

Her first response was conflicted.

She was scared of being alone. She wanted to be away from everyone and everything. She missed her friends already. She was angry and wanted nothing to do with them. She felt they were in the wrong. She felt everything was wrong with her. She wanted Myron desperately; she wanted him to want her, to take her back. She wanted to be the one to abandon him. She wanted to go back to Star*port. She wanted the people of Star*port never to see what she had learned and become.

Gradually, her fears and frustrations melded into insignificance and melted away, leaving only an empty somberness. She was overcome by her depression, persuaded of its power as an incurable ailment.

She wished she did not have to know, as she saw it, the depth of the world's sorrow which she discovered. She wished she had been exposed to such sorrow sooner, as to grow strengthened against it.

She wearied of contradictions, yet she soon came to see everything in contradictory terms.

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