Lunaria: The Sunless Isle (Chapter 5, page 1 of 17)

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Chapter 5

Myron took out a small disk he kept on him and glimpsed into the concave side. It was a subtle gesture Ashlyn noticed him often do.

"So," he inquired, striding to where he would be the center of attention, "is anyone up for swimming?"

"The weather will last, right?" Larith questioned with some concern.

"We're clear for the next few hours at least," he assured her.

"I guess I can go outside, then," she agreed.

"We'll come too," Ehren volunteered for himself and Caelir, though as if having second thoughts he turned to his friend for affirmation. "You'll come, right?"

In response, Caelir stood up and walked with Ehren to the door.

"Swimming?" Ashlyn asked, bright-eyed.

Myron answered her with a smile.

"Excellent," she exclaimed excitedly.

Myron led them down a hallway that Ashlyn thought to be familiar. It was not until they reached the hidden rotating exit and stepped outside that she realized this was the same way he had brought her when she first came to stay with them.

The sky was darkly clouded over. Rain poured down rather heavily, obstructing visibility. The white mist that perpetually covered the ground was thicker than ever, and again Ashlyn was struck by how easily it would be to step off the island into the depths of the ocean without noticing until after the event. And yet this was as close to daylight as she had seen in a while, and she loved it.

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