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Chapter 1

Ashlyn sat on the dock, her bare feet dangling in the cool ocean water, which varied in depth from her ankles to her knees as wave after wave rolled in gently with the current. Sparkling plankton swirled around beneath her amidst a light film of foam, quite visible under the clear evening sky. Scintillating stars shone distinctly overhead. Arches extended over the shore-side end of the dock, glowing brighter than the brilliant moon, glowing with the very light of that moon and its contiguous stars.

This was Star*port, founded by the elves and graced with elfin magic, inhabited by members of all the goodly races intent upon calling it home. And, indeed, this was Ashlyn's home as well, the only home she had known throughout those sixteen years of her young life.

Few safer cities existed in all of the known realms. No dark alley was so dangerous she could not walk down it in the middle of the night (albeit even the alleys were not very dark, what with the city's buildings being spelled to glow by star and moonlight). At the same time, no threats weighed heavy against her freedoms to do as she might when she might.

This was Star*port, haven to any good-intentioned peoples, sanctuary to honest folk from bards and travelers to merchants and mages, and any other benevolent heart that may not necessarily fall into one of the aforementioned categories. Here one could find all types of characters, a spectrum of interesting folk so vast as to compete with even the most extravagant of trading towns, for indeed those were renowned for their great variety. Here one could revel in security and liberty for a lifetime, forever surrounded by interesting people and things.

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