Lunaria: The Sunless Isle (Chapter 4, page 1 of 18)

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Chapter 4

"So, am I ready for the secrets the others said you could reveal?" Ashlyn inquired.

Myron placed his hands on her hips and pulled her against the wall, his dark cloak lifting into the air and concealing them both against the darkening wall.

"Not yet, sweetheart," he whispered, pressed close against her.

Ashlyn's breath caught in her throat, shallower than before.

She made to speak, but he brought one finger to her lips to silence her. In their quiet they heard the soft footsteps of someone moving down the hall.

Once the person and a safe amount of time had passed, Myron stepped back, his cloak drifting back to a settled position upon his shoulders. Ashlyn looked both ways down the hall to see if she could spot the person, startling slightly as she noticed a stone gargoyle looming so close.

They had used the magick of the cloak to conceal themselves before, but she still was not used to it. In Star*port, such charms to redirect a person's attention existed, but she had never seen any purpose to it before arriving in Lunaria.

There were so many things about the enchanted city she was still adjusting to. For instance, magick in the air gave the city and its inhabitants various peculiar properties. Lighting was unlike she'd ever heard of it, the light being present in the air itself so there were no shadows or direct light sources, only visibility consistent with starlight on a clear night. Food and drink were unnecessary; inside the city, the magick sustained the people. And everything was always moving; connected chambers remained together, but in the hallway a door in the same spot rarely ever led to the same room it had led to before. There were ways to navigate the city; gargoyles, arches, and tiles; that Ashlyn was in the process of learning, but even the long-time residents seemed to have some difficulty as they ventured further into the city.

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