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Chapter 7

Within his private VIP room, the Miami drug lord assumed he was safe when the newly transformed Aurora entered. Trying not to stumble in her 5 inch heels, she passed right through this armed check point as they assumed that she was just one of the many dancers that paid Mendoza a visit. Upon entry, Aurora did a scan of the area, scoping out where his men stood in relation to him and any bystanders who could get in the way. She knew that if anyone did survive the skirmish, that in her current appearance no one could or would ever ID her as the shooter.

Holding her bag slightly behind her, she hoped that no one took note of it. Since her dress was so short with the hem resting just below her rear, she was unable to strap on her thigh hoister to conceal her weapon. It would have to be hidden within her bag and strippers didn't walk about with back packs in hand. Lucky for her, with all the eye distractions none of Mendoza's men ever saw the bag. Once within the door, Aurora dropped her brown bag behind a chair just in time as one of the drug lords men called to her.

"You over there, we don't need any more girls in here," he said looking directly at her.

"I'm….I'm the new girl!" she replied. "You have to meet the new girl," she added forcing a sweet smile upon her lips.

"Never mind that….I want to see her," Mendoza said interrupting his henchman. "New girl come to me," he added as Aurora slowly walked toward him. There was one man standing close to her target and one more standing on the far end of the room. Others were scattered about all packing heat under their suit jackets. Two young women also were in Aurora's way as well with one directly beside Mendoza on the sofa and the other dancing topless less than five feet from him.

She knew that Mendoza himself would be armed as well and even if she could take him out, one of his protectors would then open fire upon her before she could flee. Aurora knew she would have to kill everyone in the room that was fully clothed, maybe even the girls if they got in the way. As a professional hit woman Aurora knew how to take out targets and their cover but no two hits are ever the same and nothing always goes to plan.

Still trying not to stumble, Aurora made her way over to Mendoza. He was a tall, thinly built man with short, close cut curly hair and a long creepy thick mustache on his upper lip that looked like a dead rat resting on his face. His features looked worn, beaten, scarred from his youth but the most noted thing was his left eye patch. His white suit had to cost at least $3,000 or more Aurora thought and the young assassin could hardly wait to stain it red.

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