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Chapter 6

As Aurora entered the dimly light entrance way of the club, she was met by the bouncer. Looking into his eyes and giving a little cute grin, she said, "Oh hey dude….where does a girl go to get dressed…..or undressed around here……it's my first night."

"You're the new girl?" the big man asked.

"Ah…yeah, the new girl."

"Just go to the other side of the bar, you'll see the dancer's dressing room on the right," he said.

"Thanks," said Aurora who didn't think her getting in undercover would be an issue, clubs as such always have a new girl starting any given time, on any giving night.

"Oh and new girl!" the man called out as she entered the threshold. Turning around to see what he wanted he called out. "Looking forward to seeing you shake that ass of yours!" he added with a dirty smile.

"Yeah me too… too," she said out loud but muffled under her breath, "Sick mother fucker, I should bust a cap in your ass too."

Once within the club as Aurora walked toward the dancer's dressing room, she noted that Mendoza was set up in a glass VIP room set off to the left of the main dance stage. He was in there with his men and what looked like two or three semi dressed girls. Entering the dressing room, Aurora put the first part of her plan into action. Upon walking into the little pink room which already had her stomach turning, she saw mirrors everywhere. Two girls were in the room but hardly even glanced at her as she walked through the beaded doorway curtain. "God, how can woman degrade themselves like this?" she said to herself.

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