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Chapter 2

Sitting up on the couch, Aurora looked down at herself in nothing more than her black panties. "Oh I guess I should put something on….what do you think?" she said still in a half drunken state.

"Ah yeah….the girls will be up any minute now for school and they really don't need to see their aunt laying here nude, drunk and………"

"All fucked up," Aurora said with a silly half grin.

"Yeah….dumb ass."

"Hey I'll kick your ass little sister," Aurora said trying to stand.

"Bitch, you couldn't even find you own ass right now."

"Maybe you're right and don't call me bitch, you know I hate that." the drunk woman said trying to steady herself and look for her jeans that were nowhere in sight.

"Look, please just go into the bathroom before the girls come down the stairs and see you like this…..please," Athena said as she tried to escort her sister into the downstairs restroom just as her two kids made their way from the top of the steps to the lower level. As seven year old Tammy and her baby sister Jacky moved through the living room into the kitchen, they were unaware that their aunt was in the house let alone in the state of drunken bliss she was consumed in.


By the time the seven and five year olds loaded into their school bus, their mother had found and collected her older sister's clothing and returned them to her, who doused herself in the shower to try and sober up. An hour later, Aurora emerged from the hallway bathroom dressed in only her jeans still unzipped and just her black bra looking like hot mess standing there in the hallway. Her once neatly pulled back hair now nothing more than a wet chaos of dark strands running over her olive colored facial features like a spiders web.

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