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Chapter 8

"Oh hun, could you please start the shower for me…..and join me too!" Aurora asked trying to pull her girls attention away from the screen just as footage of the club's cameras displayed the night's events in all its bloody glory.

"Sure babe," Kimba said as she made her way to the bathroom. Taking a seat before the TV, Aurora turned up the sound a little and watched the club's firefight footage by way of the club cameras that caught her attack all on video. As the footage played on a reporter's voiceover addressed the action on the attack.

"Long suspected drug lord Jose Mendoza was murdered this evening in a Miami gentlemen's club when he was gunned down along with several of his attendants by what was said to be a female assailant."

Aurora looked behind her to make sure Kimba was not watching this too and then turned all her attention on the news reporters voice.

"It seemed that the female attacker acted alone and was described by two eyewitnesses who were in the VIP Room when the massacre happened."

"Shit, I knew I should have put holes in them two bitches!" Aurora said to herself as she watched on"

"The woman was described as being between the ages of 25 and 35 standing roughly 5 foot 6, 120 to 125 pounds, athletically built with black hair and a tattoo running along the length her left arm. Posing as a dancer, she entered the VIP room and kill Mendoza and his group in a flurry of bullets."

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