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Chapter 8

Once safe, the assassin pulled over to a roadside rest area and once within the confines of the restroom, dug into her bag and pulled out her street clothing. Slipping out of the skimpy dress she was glad to have it off. The thing rode up her back the whole five miles she piloted her bike exposing her panties the entire trip. Discarding it in a trash can the garment had drying blood all over the front of it from the drug lord. Wetting her hair in the sink she pulled back the strands, bound them regaining her ponytail and ending any resemblance to the woman that stormed the club. She was a little sorry to see that girl go though, she thought she had never looked so beautiful.


Aurora had hardly made in the door of her apartment when she saw Kimba sitting before the TV. The hit woman was very glad she didn't enter in her previous appearance for it would have raised questions from her lover, even though despite her girl would have loved it. Kimba had the news on but was not really watching the screen when she turned to face her girl standing in the doorway.

"Hi Baby! I hope you don't mind I came over to see you tonight," the freckle face Irish girl called out, greeting her friend with a smile.

"I'm always glad to see you hun," Aurora said matching her girlfriend's smile as she glanced over the redhead's shoulder. There on the screen was the news report of the strip club rampage.

"Oh hun, could you please start the shower for me…..and join me too!" Aurora asked trying to pull her girls attention away from the screen just as footage of the club's cameras displayed the night's events in all its bloody glory.

"Sure babe," Kimba said as she made her way to the bathroom. Taking a seat before the TV, Aurora turned up the sound a little and watched the club's firefight footage by way of the club cameras that caught her attack all on video. As the footage played on a reporter's voiceover addressed the action on the attack.

"Long suspected drug lord Jose Mendoza was murdered this evening in a Miami gentlemen's club when he was gunned down along with several of his attendants by what was said to be a female assailant."

Aurora looked behind her to make sure Kimba was not watching this too and then turned all her attention on the news reporters voice.

"It seemed that the female attacker acted alone and was described by two eyewitnesses who were in the VIP Room when the massacre happened."

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