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Chapter 4


A three man band played on the far end of the club as Aurora made her way over to the bar. The crowd was a little light for a Saturday night but the only thing on her mind was seeing Kimba, who stood behind the bar in a little black dress with thin straps running over her shoulders. She looked stunning as the garment showed off her little frame and the overhead lights showered the pretty girl in an almost radiant beam of colors. Although she was busy tending the bar, she felt the connection with her love and Kimba's eyes raised to find her lovely raven haired Aurora standing there watching her.

"Hey Baby! I'm so glad you did come tonight," Kimba said with glee.

"I just wanted to see you…..I miss you," Aurora replied smiling back at her lovely companion.

"I get off around midnight but I have a break in about 20 minutes….wait for me."

"You got it Babe!" Aurora said, "I'll wait for you at one of the tables."

"Great! Oh want something to drink in the mean time?" Kimba asked still smiling.

"Ah yeah…..just a beer I guess."

Aurora took her bottle of beer and made her way over to one of the empty tables on the far side of the bar. She took a seat and watched the band for a while. They seemed to jam on with a jazz tune unfamiliar to her. She got a kick out of their drummer who sat behind his kit all bent over reminding her of the Hunchback of Notre Dame with messy hair and elongated chin. She was not a fan of their music as well but thought that they were ok for a little local bar. She being more of a rock girl, wished they were last week's group who played classic rock songs from the 80s. Soon Kimba had joined her sitting across the table so the two could face each other.

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