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Chapter 4

The Miami nightlife scene was getting a little worn for the former military and CIA agent, who in the last few years since her departure from the bureau tried in vain to live up to the party girl lifestyle she once enjoyed in her youth. Her nightly bouts with the bottle and her arm length rose and vine tattoo all expressed her wild side urging to be set free. Since the age of 18, she had to conform to life under strict rule. Now at 30, it was her time to let loose despite the fact that her actions were slowly killing her. Her only ray of light was Kimba who she met one night in a drunken state when between CIA missions. The red head, older by six years, felt sorry for the government worker who had a little too much and took her home. The two soon became friends and not long after love relationship bloomed between the two women.

Kimba was the longest running relationship Aurora ever had. Back in her CIA days, she and her former partner played a sexual game of cat and mouse and spent many nights hiding their moonlight affair, but it was solely based on animal lust and nothing more. With Kimba, she felt alive and though she took lives for a living, being with the lovely freckle face slightly older Kimba gave the executioner a sense of balance and serenity that she never had with anyone else. It was Kimba, her sister and two young nieces that gave Aurora any sense of good in her life of death and contract murders. If she was to take part in this contest of slayers, she needed to be with the ones she loved before the game drew her into battle with other predatory adversary's.


A three man band played on the far end of the club as Aurora made her way over to the bar. The crowd was a little light for a Saturday night but the only thing on her mind was seeing Kimba, who stood behind the bar in a little black dress with thin straps running over her shoulders. She looked stunning as the garment showed off her little frame and the overhead lights showered the pretty girl in an almost radiant beam of colors. Although she was busy tending the bar, she felt the connection with her love and Kimba's eyes raised to find her lovely raven haired Aurora standing there watching her.

"Hey Baby! I'm so glad you did come tonight," Kimba said with glee.

"I just wanted to see you…..I miss you," Aurora replied smiling back at her lovely companion.

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