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Chapter 9

"Ok Mr. Fat Daddy….you better have seen this shit on the TV," the young assassin said speaking out loud to herself as she opened the Kill Fest web site. There in bold print were the names of the game members who all scored their first hits. Her name was dead last but it was nonetheless there among the others. There was a place to click to hear the web masters comments and as she did so the voice of Fat Daddy came in loud and clear.

"Welcome players to Kill Fest, you all have played very well this first round. Each of you have scored evil targets and done very well. Although she scored dead last…Aurora Constantine took out the most bad guys in the first of competition. Constantine made 8 hits within her one and she is given two points for her actions."

"Well damn!" Aurora said with a grin.

"So players now that your first assignment is complete, check back with this site in 12 hours for your next assignment."

The voice of Fat Daddy said just before images of the players graced across the screen each one portrayed in their cartoon format each holding a gun in hand and had them firing at the screen. While the whole sight was made to resemble that of a video game, its action were not being played out on screen but in real life with Aurora and five other professional killers acting as the games avatar.

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