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Chapter 1

"Thank you," the girl said reaching for the glass rolling her pink fingertips over the rim.

"For you my dear…..I'll do anything," he replied watching her slide one finger down the inside of the glass, then withdrew the moist tip and slid it between her lips sucking the cocktail sensually.

"See something you like?" she asked shamelessly with a dirty little grin that held her companion's full attention.

While engaged in their mating game, a pair of eyes was watching the scene from just across the bar. Their observer, silent in her study, sat hunched in posture and slightly hidden behind a tall mug of cheap beer. When the man stood, he took her by the hand and walked his little mistress to the door their spectator was not far behind.

It was cool for an early spring Miami night and the girl felt a breeze upon her bare legs "My car is right over there," he said pointing the way as the blonde followed his gaze across the parking lot. Placing his hand upon her lower back, he gently guided her in the direction of his wishing. She complied and as his hand moved lower, the woman let out a girlish giggle as her body trembled in anticipation.

His gentle guidance soon became more forceful as his need for the girl increased and his behavior took a darker in tone.

"Hey…..easy baby, I'm walking as fast as I can in these heels!" she cried trying to keep up with his pace.

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