Jones of Old Lincoln (Chapter 6, page 2 of 34)

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Chapter 6

"What's your position on honesty?" I asked her. Then, thinking I needed to say more, I added, "You know…hypocrisy." I'd gotten frisky after our sexual sparring and her challenge of my flirting skills.

"Mind if I sit?" Kathy asked, checking out the place to see if there were any chores needing attending that took precedence over straightening me out. There didn't seem to be. She sat across from me. Maybe my sex appeal had not been so faded after all. Fools and children.

"Honesty is a good rule," she began. "Yes, it does keep things simple." Pausing, she looked off toward the quiet domino tables in the back of the long room. Then she said with solemnity and no hint of pretense, "Trouble is most of us don't take to rules. And you know 'simple' is just no fun."

Her plain face took on an aura of knowing. Could it be that a significant seminar had begun? Could a protégé of the Oracle of Delphi be passing as a pool-hall fry cook in a county seat in rural Tennessee? I had met a specter from the past-my Mr. Jones-in that pool hall...'more things than philosophies have dreamt of,' don't you know? Sometimes I forget that wisdom does show itself, offer itself, in interesting ways and in surprising places.

"What you writing about…honesty?" She looked at me with disdain. "Hell, I can write your whole book…in four words: honesty is good, sometimes."

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