John and the Herodians - From the What a Strange Little Man Series (Chapter 10, page 2 of 10)

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Chapter 10

"Woody!" I yelled, "Move over here."

Woody calmly walked over to where we were standing, and then we all turned and exited the room.

"Explain what just happened," Tom said.

"Why? Let's just be thankful we got out of there," Bill said.

"I can only say it must be a slowing of time. Look at the clock on the wall. The second hand is moving very slow," Woody observed.

We were soon outside when it dawned on me that we didn't have a clue as to the whereabouts of John. I stopped and turned to go back in the house.

"Where are you going, honey?" Mary asked nervously.

"We can't just leave John in there," I said.

"Did you see him? I didn't see him. Did you see him, Woody?" Tom asked excitedly.

"I didn't see him, Tom. However, Michael has a point. If John is in there he will need our help to escape," Woody said.

We all entered the house slowly. I don't remember hearing gunfire, but I was sure they were about to shoot all of us and I didn't want to walk into an ambush. It was very quiet in the house. I didn't even hear any sound from the room down the hall.

"The clock is back up to speed," Woody noticed.

"Yes, it is," I said.

As we walked down the hall, we couldn't hear anyone moving or talking. Entering the room, we noticed Herod and his men were gone.

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