John and the Herodians - From the What a Strange Little Man Series (Chapter 10, page 2 of 6)

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Chapter 10

"I didn't see him, Tom. However, Michael has a point. If John is in there he will need our help to escape," Woody said.

We all entered the house slowly. I don't remember hearing gunfire, but I was sure they were about to shoot all of us and I didn't want to walk into an ambush. It was very quiet in the house. I didn't even hear any sound from the room down the hall.

"The clock is back up to speed," Woody noticed.

"Yes, it is," I said.

As we walked down the hall, we couldn't hear anyone moving or talking. Entering the room, we noticed Herod and his men were gone.

"Tell me we aren't dreaming," Tom said.

"I assure you, we are not," Woody assured.

The gray stone walls were speckled with a spattering of holes, leaving chalky powder on the floor at the base of them. The room had been riddled with bullets. We stared at the mess left in the wake, and then started searching for John. The fact that Herod and his men were gone inexplicably gave us reason enough to be thankful, but we were uncertain about John. The search under tables and behind the huge storage cabinets turned up nothing. Tom suggested we pray together.

"Prayer has been a key in all the recent events," He said. "Maybe it will help us locate John."

"I agree," Woody added.

We formed a small circle with Mary to my right, followed by Woody, then Tom, Joshua, and Bill. A reverent silence filled the air as we closed our eyes in meditation. Tom prayed, and then Bill, followed by Mary, myself and finally Joshua. When we opened our eyes John was standing in the middle of our circle.

"May this house be blessed with peace," He said, smiling.

There was no evidence of the blue gel and his hair, and his clothes were different. He was wearing a rather nice looking pair of gray slacks and a blue short-sleeve shirt. His dark curly hair was neatly combed, and he was clean shaven. He seemed a bit uneasy with the garments but he did look more like a man from the current century.

"The master said it would be better for me to dress this way," he explained, as he moved his shoulders and arms around trying to adjust his new attire.

"Master?" Bill asked.

"Why Jesus, of course," He replied.

"Right," Bill returned sarcastically.

"Why not?" Tom started. "Michael talks to him all the time. It could only be logical that one of his disciples could do the same."

Tom was beside himself with excitement. His eyes were like two big saucers making semi-circles of his eye brows. Woody was being a scientist as he inspected John, while Bill stood motionless in disbelief. It was obvious John had made a profound impact on us. I'm sure it was because we knew where he was from.

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