John and the Herodians - From the What a Strange Little Man Series (Chapter 9, page 2 of 6)

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Chapter 9

Woody cleaned his hands with a cloth that was lying on the lab table next to the cylinder.

"I feel like a cup of coffee," he said as if he had just won a victory.

We all adjourned to the kitchen and gathered around the table as Joshua brought cups and some coffee to the table. Mary offered to help, but Joshua insisted she allow him to serve. I could tell the contents of the cylinder was going to have a lasting affect on all of us as we sat in silence for quite some time before Woody spoke.

"Please sit with us, Joshua," He offered.

"Thank you, sir," He said as he sat and poured himself some coffee.

I wasn't much of a coffee drinker, but this had a unique flavor. I liked it.

"I added some cider to it, sir. I had hoped it would please you," Joshua said.

I raised my cup to him in salute, and sipped some more coffee.

"I think he is just trying to get you hooked on the caffeine," Tom suggested.

"After the news Mary gave me earlier, anything to help me deal with the excitement is a good thing," I said.

"Actually, caffeine will only hype you up more," Bill offered.

"Thanks, Bill. Michael needs more hype," Mary said sarcastically.

"Exactly!" I retorted.

We all laughed which broke the tension I was feeling inside.

"Imagine, getting to personally know one of the original twelve," Woody said.

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