John and the Herodians - From the What a Strange Little Man Series (Chapter 2, page 1 of 6)

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Chapter 2

"Michael, we are nearing your destination. If you are going to contact Tom, you will need to do so now," Sam said, waking us from our nap.

The stars are unusually bright from this altitude, even though the Z-7 wouldn't fly very high.

"Mary, look at the stars," I said.

Mary shook herself awake, and looked at the stars.

"They're lovely, aren't they?" she said, "Kind of makes you appreciate God's abilities, doesn't it?" she added.

"I'm sure God's understanding is way beyond ours, dear," I said as I tried the connection to Tom on the videophone. The one in the Z-7 was a bit smaller than the one in our apartment, making my focus a little more difficult.

"Tom, are you awake?" I asked, waiting for a reply.

"Hello, Michael," Tom said, "How close are you?"

"I'll be there in a few seconds," I replied.

We rounded a corner in mid-town Colorado and set down in Tom's front yard. We gathered our belongings and headed for the house. Tom met us at the door with a refreshing cup of hot cider. He knew how much we liked cider, and though his wasn't quite as good as Mary's, it was still a welcomed drink at this late hour. Tom wasn't very big, but he was quite influential. He knew a lot of people in high places. His slender build, smooth looks, wavy black hair, and square chin made him seem passive, but Tom was anything but passive.

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