John and the Herodians - From the What a Strange Little Man Series (Chapter 7, page 2 of 10)

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Chapter 7

"Well, Mr. Conrad, what brings you here at this hour of the morning?" Tom asked.

"You have to tell me first, are you Christians?" he asked.

"Yes, we are," Mary said as she handed him a glass of water.

"Thank you," he said, gulping it down quickly.

"There was a violent attack against some men who were trying to explain Christianity," he went on. "Obviously the people didn't receive their approach."

"That's an understatement!" I said referring to the gun fire.

"I couldn't believe it, either," he said. "They just started shooting those men. They were in the park at the foot of the mountain."

"Did they see you?" Tom asked.

"I'm afraid they did," he said. "I think they're headed this way!"

"Why didn't you say so before?" Tom asked.

Woody came running down the hall. As he approached us we could see the terror in his eyes.

"What is it, Woody?" I asked.

"I just looked outside my window, and noticed five or six men heading up the path to the house with guns!" He said.

About that time they pushed the front door open, and ran right to where we were.

"Christians! More Christians!" they shouted.

The front room was suddenly filled with people; all shouting angrily about something. The man who seemed to be the leader of the livid mob pointed his weapon at Woody and fired. The bullet passed right through him, but no harm came to Woody. I watched in amazement as the rest of them open fire on all of us, but no harm came to any of us.

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