John and the Herodians - From the What a Strange Little Man Series (Chapter 3, page 2 of 4)

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Chapter 3

"This is surely going to be an exciting night," He said.

"You don't know the half of it, my friend," I replied.

"Honey, do we need to take our luggage?" Mary asked.

"Let's not take a chance; better load it up," I replied.

As we prepared for departure, we talked some more about the excitement we were all feeling. Imagine, here I was, a man from the past living in the future, going to meet a man from the past. It sort of made my head spin. I wondered if the world was ready for what was about to transpire.

"I wonder if people will accept John," Mary said.

"I don't know how I am going to react yet, so it would be hard for me to guess what others will say," Tom said.

"What about you, Michael?" She asked.

"I'm unsure, myself, dear. I suppose it will depend on what he has to say," I offered. Loading the luggage was becoming quite a chore due to the late hour. Tom and I were getting short of breath.

"I… am very intrigued about…. the whole idea of people… from the ancient past living now," Tom said between breaths.

At last, all was loaded and we were on our way. Tom was at the controls, since he was the only one who knew where we were going. This wasn't the first time he piloted our vehicle, so Mary and I sat comfortably behind him as we went on silently.

"Mr. Tom," said Sam, "Will there be any need for refreshment?"

"No thank you, Sam," replied Tom.

As we floated along on the wind, the traffic suddenly got very heavy. I couldn't see clearly, due to the darkness, but there appeared to be some markings on the side of the vehicles around us.

"Tom?" I asked as he, too, noticed the traffic.

"I would guess it's the government," He offered.

"Do you think they are going to Dr. Tenny's?" I asked.

"I couldn't say, but as long as we don't break any laws they won't bother us," he replied.

Just as Tom finished, the other vehicles increased their speed, and were soon out of sight.

"How far is it?" Mary asked.

"Not very far, now. Just a few more minutes," Tom said.

We climbed a little higher, and were soon at the top of a mountain. Colorado was a beautiful place to see in the sunshine, and had an enchanted appearance about it in the light of the moon. I saw some lights in the side of the mountain, and was sure it was our destination. Tom turned the Z-7 towards the lights and we were soon coming to rest on top of a peak almost covered with snow. It reminded me of the dream, or vision I had a couple of years ago. It was certainly breathtaking. I couldn't wait to see the view in the sunlight.

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