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Chapter 5

On Tuesday, the family gathered together in the yard for their last family reunion dinner together. Before anyone could leave the table, Charleen stood and asked everyone to quiet down.

"Now ya'll know what the Reverend said the other day. He said to tell everybody why you love them while you still can and we never did get through goin' around the table. Some of ya'll didn't get a chance to speak your piece. So I want everyone who didn't speak then to speak now. Louis, you first."

"Put that cake down, gal, and stand up", said Aunt Sarah teasingly. She took the fork out of Louis' hand and poked her in the side.

"Well", began Louis as she swallowed hard and cleared her throat, "I want to tell my baby Erica how much I love her." Erica was surprised her mother had called her name. "Baby, I know your mama got a big mouth…"

"Amen", said Aunt Sarah. Realizing she had embarrassed her daughter, she touched Louis hand and said "I'm sorry, baby."

"Thank you, Mama. Erica, I know I get on your nerves and I nag you too much. But you gotta remember I get my big mouth from your grandmamma. And I don't mean that in a bad way. She always told us to speak our minds…But sometimes I speak my mind too much. I love you, baby. I love you more than I love myself and I hope you know that. You a big girl now. So when your mama say too much, just tell me to be quiet. You won't hurt my feelings. Cause I don't want to do nothing that will ever drive us apart. You will always be my sweet little flower. And don't get mad cause I boss your daddy around. He knew how I was when he married me. And he knows I love him too. I know how lucky I am to have him. And I know I ain't easy to live with all the times. But I wouldn't take a million dollars for you or your daddy. Please don't hate your mama."

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