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Chapter 3

"Yeah, we don't want any more accidents", chuckled Lilly, gently elbowing Paul in the ribs. Lilly and the orderly left the room with Derrick while Paul ran to the bathroom in the corner of the room.

Paul came out of the bathroom drying his hand with a paper towel. Looking around the room for the trashcan, he noticed the clipboard hanging on the frame at the foot of Derrick's hospital bed. He walked over, picked it up and started scanning through Derrick's charts. His body froze and his mouth dropped open as he read the printout on the second page. His mind raced as he tried to comprehend what he was reading. He stood at the foot of the bed motionless with the first page clamped between his fingers. Fifteen minutes passed before Lilly came back upstairs to see what was taking Paul so long.

"What happened, did you almost fall in?" giggled Lilly as she turned the corner and reentered the room. She looked at Paul standing motionless with what she couldn't believe looked like tears in his eyes. "Paul, are you alright?"

Paul didn't respond. He never looked up from the charts. Lilly walked over to him slowly and stared up at his face. With Paul still not acknowledging she was even in the room, she looked down at the charts and then back up into Paul's face.

"Paul, what is it?" She placed her hands on his arm and tried to gently pull the clipboard from his hand but he wouldn't release his grip. "Paul, what's wrong?"

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