The First Book of Iaddius Ioahann (Chapter 1, page 2 of 2)

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Chapter 1

"It doesn't help for you to pretend with him." Ishmael said anxiously.

Leah sat up and looked down at her husband. She understood him and she understood his anxiety. It wasn't right for their son to fantasize so stubbornly about leaving his home. The outside world, she knew, was harsh, dangerous and unforgiving. She wanted, more than Ishmael could know - for who can comprehend the love of a mother? - For Iaddius to forget about the sea and the tall green trees, and be content up here, in his home.

"He's going to leave someday." She admitted. "We can't force him to stay here. Some day he'll be a man…"

Ishmael shook his head. "Fine. Well when he's a man he can leave. But for now would you please make him appreciate what he has here?"

Leah lay back down and rolled onto her side away from her husband. "He's not like us, Ishmael. That boy…" She turned back to him. "I don't know." She brushed her long fingers through her thick dark hair. "There's just something about him. You know that. The elders think…"

"I don't care what the elders think." Ishmael said quickly.

"Well I do, and they think that he's the Moshiaht. They think that he's going to lead our people out of the mountains and into a land rich with every luxury we could ever need." She looked at her husband with pleading brown eyes. "Ishmael. Is that something that we can stop?"

"No," He said, closing his eyes. "I suppose that it's not."

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