The First Book of Iaddius Ioahann (Chapter 5, page 2 of 9)

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Chapter 5

"Are you ready for this?" I asked Haig when the meeting had finished.

Haig laughed loudly at me and said, with a wide smile: "A long trek across the desert, a short trek through a forest, and a climb through the mountains! What is there to be ready for."

I smiled and tried to share in his casual air of the situation. I looked over at Gul-Carlo and Amelia. She was obviously very upset at his idea of their separating. She spoke in harsh, rasping whispers and pointed savagely at him as she spoke. He stood calmly listening to her, and, from time to time trying to give her some reassurance. They continued in that manner for no less than ten minutes before she, seeing that she wasn't going to change her mind, stomped out of the cavern, slamming the door hard behind her.

Gul-Carlo looked at me looking at him, and then turned away to one of his councilors.

"She's feisty." Haig said to me with a grin.

"You have no idea."

Haig and I both jumped at the voice which came behind us. We turned and saw a large, bald man who immediately reminded me of a miniature, and human version of a Maikin.

"I'm Teague Khenoie." He said with a cheerful smile. I'll be leading you to the path to the mountains."

We spent the next few hours preparing for the journey, going over the route we were to take, and getting all of our gear - which there wasn't much of - together. It was Haig, Amelia and I sitting in a loose circle with our gear in the middle. We were still in that same cavern but, as the other had left out to ready brief and ready their men, we were left alone. I watched Amelia as we did all of this. Her low brows told me that she was quite angry, and her silence only enhanced it.

"You'll like the mountains." I said to her. She didn't answer, and I could hear Haig, who was also beside me, trying to hold back a laugh. "They're very beautiful." I continued. Again she didn't respond.

"I can't wait to see your beautiful mountains." Haig said with a wide smile, again trying to hold back an all out laugh.

Suddenly we heard shouts coming from outside. Haig and I looked at one another. Amelia was already up and out of the door, and we quickly followed her. We found men, hundreds of them, in battle array rushing about. Suddenly from the myriad of swarming bodies I saw Gul-Carlo run toward us. He was shouting something, but I couldn't make it out. Amelia, who was a few yards of Haig and I, suddenly turned, and ran back into the cavern. She emerged with all of our packs, throwing ours to us.

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