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Chapter 6

"When I walk through the corridors and the halls of this magnificent palace; when I stand upon my balcony and stare out across this beautiful valley and into the mountains where my father once resided; when I see the beautiful, smiling faces of my young children and of my wife, I cannot help but feel reverence for the Gods and for their infinite wisdom. They have given me all that I have need of and more! They have blessed me with every luxury - my fine beds and couches, my great dining halls and theatres - but what is more: they have given me a place to call my home." - Ciadda Iohann, son of Iaddius Iohann. "What do you think, Haig?" I asked as we stood together atop the great eastern wall of Khenochia. Haig didn't reply, so I turned to look at him. He was looking down and smiling from ear to ear. He looked up at me.

"It took long enough, but ya know, I think it might have been worth the wait. Just maybe."

"Just maybe?" I said with a laugh.

Spread across the valley below us were the fruits of three years worth of toil, arguing, and council with the elders. There were the fruits of late nights and early mornings; of constant recounting and recordings! But finally, with the assistance of my own father, the elders had given in - on certain conditions of course. Their conditions were this: That only those who volunteered is constrained to fight, and that if any man should change his mind he would be given leave to return home without harassment - this, of course, excepting those who would dessert in the hour of battle. And so, after our debates, and compromising, and promising, here they were. A Khenochian army of nearly forty-thousand. By easterly standards, as Haig informed me, it wasn't much. But our numbers were growing daily. We were receiving men and supplied daily from every city in the region. Even the remaining Andronian tribes had leant us a force of men.

I looked down at them, all arranged in formations. It felt good to finally have it. To finally have some force with which to attack the Maikin. Finally there would be retribution, finally vengeance for the innocent blood which had been spilt!

"Do you really think that we can destroy the Maikin with this?" Haig said, looking at me with that intent gaze that I had become accustomed to.

"No." I replied honestly. "But it's a good start."

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