Catfish Charlie (Chapter 7, page 1 of 16)

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Chapter 7

After Charles Ray left, Jim knew he could not go home again. He looked deep into his inner‑self and found murder written all over some part of his soul.

It seemed after all the good times he had with both May Sue and Charles Ray, he would've forgiven them. He would if he had not known both of their thinking.

He should never learned to read people's minds the way he could. It hurt too much when he reached down into the psychic and found he could not accept and forgive.

Charles Ray with his college education was the one who should been able to read other people's minds. Maybe it was Korea. Being close to people and seeing them die, it did something to a person. It got to where he'd been able to tell almost when a bullet was going to hit a man.

Probably the Lieutenant who made Captain, knew he was looking for more than a certain house in the destroyed village. After it was all over, and before they shipped Jim back to the States, he was able to pass on some information that stopped the war. Not won the war, just made negotiations possible.

After the whiskey hit his bare stomach, Jim craved water. It took almost all the strength he possessed to walk the few steps down to the river where his jug still floated. The jug water tasted fishy which reminded him to look at Charlie once more.

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