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Chapter 3

Crawfordsville, back up the highway five miles was named for his daddy's people. It went way back sometime right after Texas became an independent nation and before it hooked up with the United States of America.

Jim was proud every time he went into town after a sack of groceries. Once in a long while, he bought a cold long‑neck down at the little restaurant that served customers who knew how to hold a few beers.

Some people preferred the flip tops with ice sweat running onto the tables making little puddles. Him, he always liked the feel of cold glass over a slick tin can. Maybe it told something about his personality. He'd never been close enough to one of those mind people to ask. That is except one time in the Army when guards caught him sneaking in without a pass. Then a shrink down at Waco questioned him, but that did not count now since his sickness was caused by a physical cause.

They tried to accuse him of going in and talking to the enemy in some little Korean town he already forgot its name. It was up in the hills.

"Corporal Crawford," the investigation officer questioned him. "We know you were in a Gook town yesterday, and the enemy still holds it."

"Can't help it, sir. I was off duty and decided to sneak in and have a look around."

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