Catfish Charlie (Chapter 9, page 1 of 17)

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Chapter 9

"Jim, can't you hear me?"

Coming gradually back to the riverbank in Texas, he realized May Sue was standing over him. Her white cotton shorts and red halter top clung to her freshly‑washed body as though she was melted and poured into them.

"Are you so sick you can't even hear me anymore? I did not want you sitting out in this hot sun all day."

"It can not be any worse than staying up there at the house and listening to you and your daughters all day."

"How about your son?" she asked.

"He's been down here with me part of the day."

"Jim, I want him to be with you as much as he can; it is important. He said you tried to teach him about Communism."

"He's got to be taught. I do not think he understood."

"Let me tell you he thinks it is something about free people losing their rights to own private property."

"It is part of it, May Sue, but it is more than that, it is not being able to learn what you want to in school or in church. You can't even worship God the way you want to."

"You ought'n to mind since you haven't attended church since you got back from Korea."

"Maybe it is because some good Christians doing what they done while I was gone, May Sue."

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