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Chapter 1

Drowsily she rubbed her eyes wondering what disturbed her sleep. Even thought the blinds were open to the east, very little Texas sun was coming in through their bedroom window. In fact after all the rain they had, she wondered if there would be any sun today.

Gradually her eyes adjusted to the dim light. Still trying to chase sleep out of her foggy brain, she asked, "Ain't goin' fishing' today, are you, Jim."

"Reckon I am. Can't see nothing wrong with it, can you, May Sue?"

"Only thing, seems like you would be awful tired after that trip over to Temple yesterday. Can't see after what the doctor told you, how you can go fishin'. Ought to lay around the house here and rest. Maybe you could play with the children a few days. I would like to see more of you."

"Well, just look at me all you want. I look the same as I have looked these past eight years since we married."

May Sue pulled her loose gown down and did a cancer check on her middle‑aged but sensuous breasts. She manipulated her nipples and wished Jim would play with them with his tongue. She knew he was too sick. "Think you are just trying to get out of this house so's you do not have to look at these fly specks and cobwebs. Swear if you ain't off with them coon-hounds, you are off on the riverbank."

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