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Chapter 10

Waiting a little, Jim remembered May Sue's lips before he went back to Korea. There are women who are soft and tender, but who also possess a strength in them that reaches down into the soul of a man. She was one of those. Dawn was tender, but she had no staying power. May Sue did.

Sometimes he wished he had never messed around with Dawn. Other times he knew he would've killed May Sue and Charles Ray if he hadn't. All that kept him from becoming a murderer those first few months after he came home was he'd been able to remember a half‑American boy with black hair who crawled around on a floor in a Korean house.

After he fled with the other soldiers before a horde of Chinese and North Koreans, it was almost two years before he made it back. After they chased the American Army down to the Yellow Sea where they carried their dead, they fought a long and bitter fight back to his Shangra‑Lai. His boy grew among the people of the Morning Calm.

Only Jim was not with the troops when they fought their way back north. That is he was not with them much of the way.

He was a Corporal then in charge of two other men on patrol. Winter snow was still on the ground. Two of his men were two Colorado boys, brothers from the same town, Durango, or something else as wild. He remembered their last name was Smith. Odd he should remember after so long.

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