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Chapter 5

Jim wasted a few minutes trying to snag whatever was on his line. It did not take him but a quick jerk or two to figure out it was only a turtle. Most times there was not much use trying to catch one. They would either swallow bait or aggravate all day taking nibbles now and then. He did not have the energy or time to fool with it.

The Psychiatrist who worked on him in Korea told him if he did not work through some of his hostility, he was going to go crazy and hurt someone. Jim did not believe the Doctor at the time, but with things the way they were now, he was almost sure the man was right.

He heard the best way to get rid of anger was to bring it right out in the open and look at it, then it would kind of fade away. If he was going to live out the rest of his life with May Sue and the kids, he needed to get rid of a lot of feelings that were tearing him to pieces.

They lay around in base camp a whole week after the guards caught him coming back through the fence.

It was rough, them questioning and all everyday like the Captain and the Psychiatrist did. He thought they would drop it, but for some reason it became more intense.

"Corporal," the head‑ shrinker even had him laying on a canvas Army cot while they talked. Even though it ended with both screaming, each session started out with Jim smoking one of the Doctor's cigarettes.

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