Xander's Chance (Chapter Six, page 2 of 13)

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He trailed her down the stairs and into the formal living area. Toni's face lit up, and she thrust out her chest in a way that made Jessi want to laugh in embarrassment on the oblivious model's behalf. Jessi stepped aside to let Xander deal with the gorgeous woman, hoping Toni made him as uncomfortable as he did her upstairs.

Within seconds, the woman was hanging off of Xander's arm, throwing herself at him.

"I knew you were big, but I didn't know you were this big," she said with a sugared laugh.

Jessi rolled her eyes. Xander caught the movement. She turned away fast.

"Laurencio, start taking pics," Toni ordered. "You care to pose with me, Xander? Maybe that oh-so-sexy vampire thing you do with your assistant at the end of every show?"

This guy has his own show? Jessi made a mental note to look up who exactly Xander was. She didn't dare turn around, not certain she'd be able to witness Toni throwing herself at Xander without laughing at him. The awkward silence behind her was soon filled by the clicking of Laurencio's camera.

"Ingrid, I'm Gerry," the hazel-eyed man said, holding out his hand.

"I'm Jessi. Ingrid is on vacation," she said. She was at once lost in his bright smile. "Do you all want coffee or anything?"

"I'd love some. In fact, I'll help you. Toni's got her hands full," he said in a lowered voice and winked.

Jessi led him up the stairs to the kitchen, not caring what Xander said about staying where he could see her. She soon heard Toni's high-pitched laugh as the woman started the interview with Xander. His low, quiet responses were the opposite of Toni's annoying whinny.

"How can you stand that?" Jessi asked Gerry.

"She pays well and has connections." He pulled open the refrigerator and retrieved the creamer.

"At least you're honest about it."

"And you? How do you put up with him?" Gerry glanced at her. "I thought it was all fake, for the show. Does he wear those red contacts all the time?"

"Looks that way. I don't even know what show he's on," she admitted.

"He's on two. It started with Secrets of a Vampire, which is some soap opera show about a family of vampires. He has a cooking show, too."

"Cooking?" She laughed. "He can't even make coffee."

"From what I read, the cooking show was an accident. He was a guest on a show, and the ratings were so high, they nudged out the original host and put him in there."

"Figures," Jessi muttered. "So far, he's an absolute jackass."

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