Xander's Chance (Prologue Chapter Two, page 2 of 9)

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"He kills out of necessity," she said.

"You fed a predator human blood, and then you removed any kind of restraint standing between him and his nature."

Eden said nothing. She wasn't certain where her perfect killer was right now. Assuming she'd done all she was supposed to in order to achieve her goal, she would know his location within minutes.

"You have become the only thing holding him back. You replaced his mother; it's how he views you."

"He is no threat to me. You fear for your own life, Watcher?"

"We Originals cannot kill one another without destroying the worlds," the Watcher said.

No sense of humor, Eden said to herself.

"I am simply curious at what cost you are willing to pursue your goal. You cannot see it, but I can see what happens next."

"Pray tell."

"You have the ability and the army to protect your realm and seize them both, if you desire."

"Good," she said, pleased.

"I'm not the only one who knows this," he said, smiling. "The Watchers and their sworn enemies, the Others, are uniting. The Black God and White God are becoming allies. Combined, they have the power to stop you."

"Let them come."

"They won't come for you."

Eden's attention shifted from the blood-soaked city to the creature beside her. She tested her vision once more. It showed her nothing.

"Humans are afforded special protections in most cases. You're safe," he added. "Vampires?" He shrugged.

"They are inconsequential. Non-sentient beasts that kill," she replied.

"They were human once," he reminded her.

"There are sacrifices in any military campaign."

"You are driven by something other than power. I cannot say the same for your precious Original Vamp."

One vision shimmered in her mind. Eden held her breath. The image of her world being destroyed was hazy, fading.


Xander succeeded in slaughtering his father, the Grey God.

The sudden release of the pressure built up over a lifetime made her too weak to stand. Eden dropped to her knees and closed her eyes. She released a deep breath then sucked in the humid air. Had she ever been able to breathe without the vise of her destiny squeezing her chest?

"It's done," she whispered. "My world is safe."

"What happens next?"

"I'll take what I want from your realm, Watcher."

"Then you will lose the only other thing you hold dear. There is a reason your Sight brought you here and no further. You have to choose, human."

"I'm not afraid of your alliance. Nothing can stand between Xander and victory."

"On that point, you are correct. Nothing will stand between Xander and turning the worlds into this level of destruction. Nothing but you."

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