Xander's Chance (Prologue Chapter Two, page 1 of 16)

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Twenty years later

Immortal world

Eden stood on top of the tavern overlooking the immortal city of the Grey God. The two visions that haunted her since she was a child were forefront in her mind. As an Oracle, she'd foreseen this moment in time, as well as another. Both were possible, until this very moment, where she would know if her efforts to save her world succeeded.

She paced along the rooftop, waiting for the dreaded vision to fade. In order to prevent the destruction of the human world, she'd taken an aggressive, borderline reckless, course of action. One that had to pay off. She, Eden, the Original Human, would be the one who saved the human realm by killing the Gatekeeper, the God who maintained the bridges between worlds. With the bridges open, the threat she'd foreseen was going to overtake the human world.

"What happens next?"

She spun. The man before her - a Watcher by his glowing green eyes and the Original Watcher by his unusual height of nearly six feet - was smiling. One of two immortal sects whose war threatened the realms, the Watchers were supposed to keep their noses and hands out of human affairs.

"The Grey God falls, and my kind is safe," she replied instantly.

"No, Eden, what happens next?"

She knew what he was asking. With a unique vantage point into the world, the Watchers were able to perceive what she couldn't. She was an Oracle, a human with the spotty ability to predict the future. The gift served her well. It let her amass an army unlike any that had ever existed and showed her the key to victory.

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