Xander's Chance (Chapter One, page 2 of 8)

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She was staring at him when his visual exploration was over. Xander knew the effect he had on women; they tended to be compelled towards him then melted when he touched them. He peeked into her mind to make sure he had her complete attention. She planned on telling him her name was Kelli, and that she was a model.

She wasn't. She was an escort waiting for her client.

Her eyes widened and her chest moved up and down faster as her breath quickened. She licked her lips as he paused before her. He listened to her unguarded thoughts.

"You got plans tonight, Anna?" he asked.

"I, um, am waiting for someone," she replied.

"The type of men who require an escort for a club like this can't afford someone like you," he said, amused by the idea. Only a handful of people in the club were above college-aged, and it was in the wrong side of town for the trust-fund kids from Beverly Hills to stop in. She wouldn't know that, though, because she was new in town.

"Aren't you the guy from television?" she asked suddenly. "You have a show or something?"

"The same," he said. "Wanna fuck a celebrity?" He offered his hand.

She didn't hesitate and took it. The impact of his touch was immediate. Her gaze turned starry, her body easing against his. Xander led her through the crowd, out of the hidden rave and into the legitimate bar out front. His curiosity satisfied and the hunt over, he was ready to leave the noise of the club for the peace of his condo.

The cool night hit his skin simultaneously with the warning he least wanted to sense. One of the Gods tripped the wards he had set around his territory in southern California.

Ingrid, come here, he ordered his assistant silently.

The blonde was huddling against him, her hands roaming his body. Normally, he loved the feel of a woman's soft hands. With the alarm blaring in his mind, he only half paid attention.

Ingrid all but bolted out of the bar. Tall, gawky with hair dyed blue-black and contacts that glowed red like his eyes did naturally, she wore a I heart Xander T-shirt beneath a leather coat.

"I came … fast as … I can!" she gasped. "What's wrong?"

"Take her home," Xander said.

Ingrid made a sound of disgust but took the blonde's arm.

"Are you coming with us?" the woman asked him, longing on her face.

"I'll be there in a few," he replied, distracted.

Xander didn't wait for them to leave before he Traveled. Under his spell, the blonde wasn't going to be phased by the display of magic, while Ingrid already knew he was the real thing.

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