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I stretched luxuriously beneath the warm blankets. The crackle of a fire almost put me back to sleep if not for the sunlight streaming through a window onto my face. For a moment, I was back in the dream where I had been blinded by a ball of light.


I cracked my eyes open and recognized what I assumed was the tray ceiling with ornate crown molding of the historic hotel where I had fallen asleep. I lay still. All I needed was a mocha, and I would be set for the trip back to California.

Excited to be home, I tossed off the covers and swung my legs over the side of the bed.

And stopped cold.

My heart turned over in my chest, and a chill went through me.

I wasn't in the hotel. This room was large with a hearth, tall windows and a sitting area. The period furniture looked new and was of high quality, the quilts, rugs, and blankets all brightly embroidered. The drapes had been pulled back to let in the sunlight.

A quick assessment of my clothing revealed a long, loose nightgown of homespun cotton. It was plain, soft and comfortable, covering everything from the top of my feet to my neck.

I crossed to the window, praying I would look out over the cars parked along the street near my hotel.

My chest tightened so fast, I gasped. Outside my window was a sea of rolling grassland beneath a wide blue sky. The tall grass was punctuated by a herd of fluffy white sheep I would squeal over, any other time.

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