A Warrior's Redemption (The Warrior Kind) (Chapter Four - Temptations Lane, page 2 of 17)

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The Creator must surely hate the activities of these people? All I could wonder was why He hadn't already torched the place! These people were certainly deserving of destruction, even as I had been for my sins. I had turned to a different path, but I doubted that these people would ever do that as they loved the twisted lives that they led and had no desire to change.

"The city remains because I have those yet within it that are faithful to Me".

Came the whisper into my consciousness that answered my question and sent a ripple of awareness through me that my Creator had not forsaken me, but was even now here with me in this ordeal. It comforted me to know that I didn't have to face what lay beyond the doors ahead alone and I felt strength flow through me at that awareness and I lifted my head to face the future head-on with renewed confidence.

Completing our journey up the wide steps we made our way through the open doors of the temple. Fires blazed brightly in the temple keeping the cool evening air at bay. Vibrantly colored silks and crystal chandeliers hung from the ceilings and the massive pillars of the temple halls, while vibrant tapestries adorned the walls. The richness of the surroundings set off the scenes portrayed around me. Some sights and sounds brought disgust to me while others threatened to enslave me with the tempting pleasure they offered.

Trying to control a body I suddenly hated, because of its betrayal of me I turned my head forward and concentrated on two pillars at the end of the long hall that we were traversing across. The women here were very attractive, and the sight of their barely clothed bodies or completely bare bodies for some as the case was threatened to overwhelm my senses. The seductive welcome in their eyes and the sensual grace with which they moved was as provocative as the sight of them. The activities of the men around me however acted as a slap in the face, in terms of keeping my perspective of the wrongness of this place alive in my consciousness.

I was filled with disgust as I saw what they were about in various places in the hall around me. Their activities reminded me of the vileness that had only been too common in the dungeons of the arena, when men had forgotten the created purpose of their role in creation and settled for something less and unnatural. Boys being used in the place of women was horrible and yet the room was filled with such debauchery and worse. Even the women were inordinately focused on giving each other pleasure, which made no sense to me.

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