The Underworld (Chapter Two, page 2 of 4)

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Except maybe for Gabriel.

Despair and sadness spiraled through her at the thought of the man she'd always loved. By now, he had to hate her as much as any other death dealer. He'd been willing to give their relationship another chance, but this latest ordeal had to be one too many. No one could go through what she put him through and still love her.

The idea hurt her physically. She didn't understand her human body enough to know how that was possible. She'd never had aches and pains as a deity, either, and those made her feel even worse than the knowledge she was locked in her own dungeon.

She pushed herself up, not registering there was someone else in the dark cell until he spoke again.

"Really," came the male voice.

"Really what?" she responded, squinting into the corner from which the voice came.

The tall, lanky frame of a demon emerged into the weak light cast into the cell through the single window. His hair was blond, his teeth sharpened to points. He appeared gaunt. If the glow in his eyes was any indication, he was also half-starved.

Her whole body went rigid in fear, until she heard the rattle of the chains trapping him in the corner.

"Oh, good," she sighed. She hadn't realized how sore she was. It was the uneven stones she'd been passed out on as well as the mistreatment by Harmony's death dealers. "You can't eat me if you're chained."

The demon growled.

She propped herself up against the wall and relaxed, assessing her human body. Nothing hurt too badly, aside from the ache of her muscles and the grumble of her stomach. As much as she loved food, it was becoming really annoying to be so dependent upon it, more so here, where there was no ready supply.

"You can get out," the demon said. "How?"

"What?" She leveled a look on the disgusting creature. "You think I'd be sitting here if I could?"

"I saw you, Lunchmeat. You faded until you weren't there then came back."

Frowning, Past-Death reviewed the dream. She'd been walking down the hallway, but it obviously wasn't real if she was trapped in a cell.

"You have some sort of magic?" The demon was eyeing her in a combination of hunger and suspicion.

"No," she said with a snort. "You must've been hallucinating."

"I know what I saw."

I hate demons. She didn't respond. She'd tolerated demons as a deity, but being attacked by one as a human made her regret not permanently eradicating the vermin when she was a goddess. Unlike the demon, she wasn't chained and stretched to try to alleviate the cramping of her muscles.

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