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I knew someone was in my room even before I was fully awake. I don't know how I knew-I couldn't hear any movement or smell any scent and it was too dark to see more than shadows.

Then one of those shadows moved. It was man-sized and it was right by my bed. My heart leapt into my throat and I opened my mouth to scream but a hand clamped over it.

"It's me," came Jacob's voice. "If I take my hand away, will you be quiet?"

"Try it and find out," I mumbled into his palm.

He removed his hand, somewhat tentatively. "Sorry I scared you." He sat on the bed beside me, so close his thigh almost touched mine. I could just make out the whiteness of his eyes and the shape of his face in the darkness but little else. My heart, still in my throat, hammered so loudly I was sure he must be able to hear it.

"I could have woken the entire household if I'd screamed!" I hissed at him.

"But you didn't. I was waiting for the moment you registered my presence and opened your mouth."

"You can see in the dark?"

"Better than I could before I died."

I pulled the bedcovers up to my chin. "What if I'd been indecent?"

"It's all right, I checked and you weren't."

"Very amusing."

His low chuckle rippled through the darkness. "I give you my word as a gentleman that I won't ravish you."

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