The Alpha's Captive Book 1 - Taken (Chapter One, page 1 of 3)

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The asphalt blurred under Levi's front wheel, the engine between his knees sending him flying north along the country road.

The plan hadn't worked. It almost couldn't have gone worse. The bloodsucker's minions had caught him with his backside hanging out of the third-story window, loot in hand and about to begin his descent.

Wolves didn't care much for vertical surfaces. That was more of a feline attribute. Trying to stay in human form while naked, gripping a stolen dagger, and being threatened with very serious looking weapons was just about impossible.

He hadn't tried.

Instead, he'd taken a header into the bushes, shifting on his way down so that he hit the branches in his wolf-form and rolled free, the dagger in his teeth. Legs and heart pumping, he ran in a flat sprint for the gate. Every leaf etched against his vision in the darkness, and the wet foliage slapped his body as his long lope ate the ground beneath his paws.

Worst of all, it'd been his own kind that had come after him, howling through the woods until he hit the fence and shifted just enough to use his hands to catch the top edge and propel himself over, into the woods on the other side and to the motorcycle waiting beyond.

Paws were good for a lot of things, but driving wasn't one of them. So he'd had to shift all the way back to human as he hit the seat, bare ass cheeks on cold leather, and slammed the keys home. The engine had roared to life as the pack following him burst from the treeline, and he'd driven off stark naked with the dagger still clutched in his teeth, shooting the bird at every single one of them.

Lap dogs.

That had been satisfying, but it wouldn't take long for the damned vampire to send a more effective force on his trail. And though his Ducati Superbike could outrun pretty much anything on the street, the desire to not attract attention required that he stop long enough to pull on his clothes before he hit a major road.

Of course, before he'd done that, there had been the very nice-looking lady in the minivan, whose shocked face behind the glaring headlights still made Levi chuckle to himself….

The truth was, though, he was in deep shit. Probably the deepest he'd ever been in. His brothers had been completely against the heist. The entire clan had vetoed it, in fact. So, technically speaking, he was now an outlaw.

Levi had never bothered much with technicalities before. But he did wonder how he was going to get out of this one, since his plan had pretty much depended on not getting caught.

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