The Alpha's Captive Book 1 - Taken (Chapter Four, page 2 of 4)

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Yep. Crazy.

Levi decided that he liked her even more. He dropped to forty as she pounded a second time and rolled down the window.

"Give me back my car, you bastard!" she yelled. Even with her hair whipping across her face, he could see the fury in it.

"You're going to get yourself killed," he pointed out.

"You took my car," she shouted back as the wind snatched her words away. "Give it back!"

Not gonna happen. Why the hell was he talking to her? "Did you hotwire that yourself?"

"No, the Tooth Fairy did. Stop the car!"

He pointed to the fuel gauge. "I can keep going like this for hours. I know that you can't."

She snarled a curse and dropped back as an oncoming car appeared over the horizon. For a moment, he thought she was going to give up, but as it passed, she steered to the other side of his car and edged up along the narrow strip of asphalt that passed for a shoulder.

"What are you doing?" he shouted at her.

"Coming in," she yelled back. And, in fact, she was reaching through the open window for the door frame.

"You're really going to kill yourself."

The woman was seriously going to try to drag herself in through the open window from the back of his motorcycle. He was only going thirty-five miles an hour now, but that was plenty to have a fatal outcome if she misjudged even a little bit.

"I don't even care!"

Dammit. He didn't want to be responsible for what passed for brains in that pretty head being spilled out all over the asphalt. He lifted his foot off the gas.

"Okay, okay. Bat-shit crazy wins."

The car slowed, the motorcycle keeping pace. He pressed the brake and downshifted, knowing he was making a mistake.

Levi didn't want her to get hurt, yet the sane part of his brain knew that her chances of getting in serious trouble were probably even higher if she was with him. If he really wanted what was best for her, he'd disable the motorcycle or tie her up or knock her out or something, just as long as she didn't come with him.

He was certain that talking her out of chasing him wasn't going to work. And, he thought, taking in the magnificent view that her position hunched over the handlebars afforded him, he wasn't sure that he wanted to.

Maybe he wasn't so great at decision-making. He'd managed to get out of all sorts of tight spots in the past. And he probably would in the future, too, right up into the moment that he didn't.

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