The Alpha's Captive Book 1 - Taken (Chapter Three, page 1 of 3)

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Harper's stomach dropped, and she bolted for the driver's door. But the man was already inside, slamming the door in her face and hitting the lock.

"You can have my bike," he shouted through the glass, shifting into drive. "It's worth more, anyway."

He meant it. He was really going, and he was taking her Baby with him. Harper ran for the front of the car, whether to throw herself in front of it or to try to reach the open passenger's window, she didn't know, but he was already pulling away, and the car peeled out before she could take more than a couple of steps, narrowly missing her toes and making a wide U-turn before heading north along the road.

She stood frozen in the dust of the tires for half a second, her heart hammering a frantic beat.

Damn. Damn, damn, damn.

There was no way in hell she was going to let anyone take her Baby. Her brother Cory had had it towed home for her sixteenth birthday, and she'd spent hundreds of hours restoring it in the old barn with her brothers. It was the thing she cared about most in the world.

She ran back to the bike, the heels of her boots digging into the ground. A Ducati, she saw, and she was sure that her original estimate of its value wasn't wrong. If the bike wasn't hot-and seeing as she'd just gotten it from a car thief, how likely was that?-she'd come off better from the swap.

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