Rebel Heart (Chapter Eight, page 1 of 16)

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"We're leaving in forty-eight hours." Brady's voice awoke her from her uneasy doze a few hours later. Lana straightened in her seat on the couch, eyes following his powerful stride across the tent. He didn't look at her.

"To where?" she asked.

"Not your concern."

"Is Elise coming?"

"Yes," he replied. "Everyone is going."

She watched him to see if she could see where he kept the key fob she needed to enter the safe. It was near midnight. Her hands felt clammy, her nerves fluttering. He peeled the tac suit down to his waist, revealing a snug T-shirt beneath whose sleeves were tight around bulging biceps. He wore identification tags, and she looked closely without seeing the key fob. He'd changed since their incident on the couch, grown more distant. He was once again the rebel commander and not her Guardian.

"I'll need the locations of all the emerops facilities in the morning," he said.

"Very well," she replied. She went to the kitchen to get a meal bar, nibbling on it as he settled near the trunks containing his gear. His back was to the living area as he pulled off every one of the dozen weapons he wore on his body and lined them up in front of him to start cleaning.

One of his knives had blood on the hilt.

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