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Chapter 1

"Sarah, you home?" Jackson called to his housemate and best friend.

Sarah Carrington rounded the corner to the foyer and scowled at him. "Well, the manwhore returns. Hope she was pretty."

"Actually, quite beautiful, and very cultured, old money, CEO of some company or other, blah, blah, blah. Why do they always have to tell me their life story?"

"You are such a pig," she said, half laughing.

If Jackson was Adonis, then Sarah was Aphrodite. She had long blonde hair like spun silk, a perfectly proportioned figure and blue-green eyes that made you feel you were looking into the sea. Like Jackson, she moved with incredible grace, seeming to float rather than walk.

"Drink?" Jackson had already begun pouring a rare single malt.

"Oh yeah," she readily responded. They carried their glasses to the overstuffed sofa and sat facing each other.

"So how did he take it?" asked Jackson.

"Not well."

"So sorry, luv. Want to talk about it?"

"Maybe once I'm good and drunk."

"Well then, bottoms up!"


Sarah and Jackson had been 23 and 25 years old respectively, living privileged, English aristocratic lives when they were abducted and turned into vampires.

The two stayed together through the years, even attempting to be lovers once, though they quickly realized theirs was a relationship of brother and sister. They depended on each other, while sharing everything, and owned twelve beautiful estates around the world. They rotated through the various properties, leaving when the townspeople started to realize they were not aging. The couple had recently moved back to Fairhaven, in rural New England, after years away. Jackson was thrilled at the thought of spending a decade or so at his favorite home, claiming North America to be fresh and new. "I feel more alive here." Sarah never understood the appeal, preferring their estates in Europe.

They understood each other in a way no one else ever could. Most vampires lived solitary, lonely lives. They shared a rare bond, and felt blessed to have each other.

Life was good, except for the fact that they needed human blood to survive. It hadn't always been this way, though.

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