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Chapter 10

Sarah heard the piano playing very softly as she started down the stairs to make breakfast,. She stood at the doorway, surprised that Jackson was unaware of her presence.


He jumped and turned toward her, equally amazed that she had snuck up on him. "Hi, guess I was somewhere else."

"Hmmm, I wonder where?" It was obvious he was composing; staff paper littered the piano, and he held a pencil between his teeth. Sarah pointed to the piano. "Apparently you've found something to say."

A sheepish smile tugged at his lips as he raked his fingers through his hair. "Yeah, I guess."

"Have you been at this all night?"


"How was your date?"


"Care to share?" Jackson knew he had to give her something or she would burst, and, truth be told, he was proud of her for acting so casually when he knew every fiber of her being wanted to jump up and down screeching, 'Tell me, tell me!'.

He pondered on what information to give, wishing to disclose as little as possible, while satisfying her need for details. "We're going to the Berkshires for a picnic today."

"Oooh, how nice."

"And we danced to 'The Way You Look Tonight'."

She put both her hands over her chest and exclaimed, "How romantic!" She waited, hoping for more. When it didn't come, she asked, "Want some breakfast? I'm making omelets."

"No thanks, but could you do me a huge favor?"

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