Kiera's Moon (Chapter Six, page 2 of 34)

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They sparred lightly until her body grew warm and her mind engaged. Kiera concentrated on her movements rather than the silent form across from her, intent on not looking like a fool in front of a master warrior. When concentrating on the weapons, it was also easier to keep from concentrating on him. Sparring lasted until the sky was clear of night's blue, at which point he took the sword from her. Kiera watched him lean both weapons against the side of the dwelling before he returned.

"Fighting stance," he instructed.

She shifted herself in compliance. He moved behind her, keeping within arm's distance. He tested her balance and adjusted her stance before taking both wrists and moving her hands over her head.

"This is the starting position for this form," he told her.

He released her and moved before her, back toward her. Kiera watched as he assumed the same position and shifted his stance into a new position. He waited, head twisted over her shoulder to see her. She echoed the movement. A'Ran turned to adjust her stance before returning to the same pose.

The slow movements continued for an hour, with A'Ran pausing between each new one to adjust her stance as needed. She recognized the same routine from the previous day, only this time they moved through it without swords. When she returned to the starting position, her arms were shaking and her legs burning. A'Ran adjusted her one last time before stepping back and nodding.

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