Kiera's Moon (Chapter Five, page 2 of 30)

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"We will meet them soon at our temporary home. I have warned them I no longer play their games."

"They may find a way to temper Anshan's defiance."

"For their support against our enemy? I will owe them my life," A'Ran said.

"We may not need the Council's support if you maintain as you have," Ne'Rin replied. "They need our ore more than we need them. We can risk their anger. Do you need me to write any new battle plans?"

A'Ran was silent, studying Ne'Rin. For over a week, he'd hoped his instincts to be wrong. He'd hoped Ne'Rin to be the one sending him daily updates to the battle strategies and plans. His trusted advisor had never done so before, but A'Ran hadn't thought any member of his household capable of the complexities of battle planning. In the past three days, he hadn't made a single change before releasing the plans to his battle commanders.

Somehow, he had known the plans weren't Ne'Rin's. They were too … different, too unlike the tactics and war planning taught by Anshan or anyone in the Five Galaxies. Over a period of a week, the tactics had gone from infantile to novice to advanced, as if someone were learning the intricacies of battle planning. Some plans he couldn't use for lack of manpower, timing constraints, or other battle-related reasons, but some were brilliant. Given his experience and lauding as one of the most capable strategic battle planners in the Five Galaxies-- the only reason he hadn't been driven out by the Yirkin despite his tiny army-- he found himself learning a tidbit here and there. And he was impressed. He wondered if all women from his lifemate's planet had such a skill.

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